Who We Are

AK-AIMH is a non-profit state wide organization and network of parents, multidisciplinary professionals and caring individuals developed to support the emotional health and well being of infants, young children and their families. We are devoted to strengthening relationships between infants, parents and caregivers. The caregiver-infant relationship is central to the healthy development of young children, and we are committed to the view that these relationships are influenced by the parent’s or caregiver’s actions and experiences, the infant’s characteristics and responses and the surrounding environment.



  • To promote and support nurturing relationships for all children birth through five, and to provide the essential formative context in which every child acquires basic emotional, cognitive and social capacities and attitudes which, in turn influences all later development;
  • To provide an interdisciplinary Infant and early childhood mental health organization that facilitates, supports and encourages cooperation, coordination and collaboration among those concerned with promoting the optimal development of children birth through five and families and caregivers;
  • To provide a forum for interaction and study among mental health, public health, education and social services professionals and others regarding scientific, educational and clinical relationship-based work with children birth through five and their families and caregivers;
  • To explore and promote the application of infant and early childhood mental health principles for services to young children;
  • To undertake and publish educational newsletters and other materials which promote an increased understanding of infant and early childhood mental health issues or which are otherwise consistent with the purposes of the corporation.