Completion of this form is an optional (but strongly recommended) self-study to help assess your experiences and determine what additional specialized training you might need to meet the competencies and earn IMH Endorsement (IMH-E®).

  1. Read the Competency Guidelines, paying special attention to the specifics of the requirements for the level at which you wish to apply.
  2. Review your resume/vita, a copy of your transcripts, and gather your in-service training records.
  3. Look at what you have done, using the self-study grid below, and ask yourself if you have had a college/university course, an in-service training, a work experience or a reflective supervision/consultation experience that has contributed to your knowledge or skill in a particular area.  Place a check mark in the appropriate box.  Consider where your strengths lie and what you need to do to “fill in the gaps” to develop greater competency as an Infant Family Associate, Infant Family Specialist, Infant Mental Health Specialist or Infant Mental Health Mentor.
  4. Keep in mind that during a formal portfolio review, a minimum of two reviewers will comprehensively examine your materials and come to agreement about whether or not you have met the requirements and the competencies.  All of the knowledge and skill areas are required (as specified at each level), but portfolio reviewers will be paying close attention to those listed under Theoretical Foundations and Direct Service Skills.  In general, when considering whether or not a knowledge/skill area has been “met,” the most weight is given to college courses, then to intensive or series in-services, then to shorter in-services, then conferences, then reference ratings, then work experience.
  5. Identify gaps or competency areas where you feel you have not yet had enough specialized education or in-service training.
  6. Find in-service training opportunities to help you fill in any identified gaps in the knowledge/skill areas.  Contact the endorsement coordinator at:  if you are struggling to find training opportunities or reflective supervision/consultation.

Click the Self Study Guide to download.