Please use this checklist to ensure you have completed each step of the AK-AIMH Endorsement® application process.


      Pay AK-AIMH Membership fee ( , if you are not already an AK-AIMH Member

      Complete and submit registration information on EASY (

      Pay EASy Registration Fee

      You will not receive a username and password until registration fee is paid and membership is confirmed


Upon Receiving EASy Login & Password:

      Login to EASy using your EASy issued username and password

      Go to Edit Profile to change password and/or to elect to receive email notifications when references are completed, transcripts uploaded, etc.

      Review Competency Guidelines book that is available at for details about requirements and competencies at your desired level

      Order official transcripts from every university/college attended at least 4 weeks prior to the application submission deadline.

      Complete each tab of the EASy application, including work, education, specialized in-service training, supervision, and references.

      Use the text boxes to expand on the data you enter. This is your chance to demonstrate that you meet competencies through that activity (whether it is a workshop, a college course, or a work or supervision experience).

      When listing Continuing Education, be sure to indicate which competency knowledge and skill areas were covered for each activity (1 area for each hour of training).

      When listing Higher Education, provide specific information about courses related to Infant Mental Health.

Prior to Submitting your Application:

      Check to see your transcripts have been uploaded

      Check to see that all of your references have completed their rating forms

      Check to see that you have at least 30 hours of specialized in-service training

Upon “Submitting” your Application:

      Pay Endorsement Processing Fee

Keep in mind:

      After you hit Submit, you may receive notifications of comments being added; typically this is conversation between reviewers and you can ignore this as you would be unable to see it in the EASy system. 

      If you need to log back in to provide or clarify information, you will be notified by the AK-AIMH Endorsement Coordinator. If this must be done more than twice during the review, your application will be deferred, & the Endorsement Coordinator will contact you.